Home Additions

Room additions – Grow your home to suit your needs with additional rooms added on to the original structure. Consider more bedrooms, craft rooms, a formal dining room, or a great room for family time.

Sunrooms and solars – Take in the Florida sunshine with a purpose built room for basking in the light! Enclosed porches and sunrooms are a wonderful way to add enjoyment to your home.

Bump Outs – You don’t always want the full space of an additional room. You might simply want to expand the rooms you have. This smaller scale version of a room addition allo ws you enlarge your kitchen, turn a half bath into a full bathroom, or give you a bit of additional space in your family room.

Second Stories – An additional story on your existing home can give you more of what you already love! Add more bedrooms, a loft, or a master suite to luxuriate in on the weekends!

Abraham’s Solutions has served Florida residents for more than six years. We offer general contractors, designers, and complete home renovation specialists to ensure your home addition meets your highest expectations. Contact us and see why we are the home renovations’ company you can count on!

We provide design build construction services to help you increase the square footage or livable space in your home. We offer additional floors, added rooms, bump additions, garage additions, and more!

When you love your Florida house but wish it had just a little more space, a home addition can offer you exactly what you’re hoping for! You have so many options for increasing the space your home affords you, so it can grow along with your needs. There’s no need to step into the unpredictable real estate market when you can remain in the place where you’ve already made so many memories.

The professional designers and general contractors at Abraham Solutions will work directly with you to customize a plan to give you the space you want to achieve. Because every home is unique, we can offer you the home expansion options that will work best with the house you have. Your remodeling ideas will always be the most important guide for the project!

Our home improvement services include these potential ideas for home additions. As always, we are limited only by what you dream of for your home!

"Renovations are the key to unlocking the full potential of your home. With a thoughtful and well-executed addition, your home can become everything you want it to be."

"The colors and design of a home should be a reflection of the people who live inside."

"Choose your counterparts and appliances first, then pick colors to complement them, not the other way around."

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